Lifestyle + Documentary Photography

I think there are many different definitions of what it means to be a lifestyle or documentary photographer. When I started learning photography and what I was drawn to, I quickly realized that I gravitated heavily toward real moments. Posed portraits felt too perfect and stuffy and honestly, I’m neither of those things. Lifestyle and documentary photography are my passion.

Lifestyle photography gave me the creative voice I was looking for. I wanted to make images that were driven by moments. I love choosing locations and helping with wardrobe selection to give clients the vibe they are looking for in a photograph. Offering gentle direction that encourages natural interaction – that’s what lifestyle photography is to me. It’s a way to capture life in a happy, complimentary and fun way.

Documentary photography is a different approach and a different feeling. Typically done in clients homes, these sessions are not directed at all. You are inviting me in to your life to photograph in a journalistic style. We are telling your story, as is. It is not only about happy, complimentary images as documentary photography sometimes can mean frustration, vulnerability and pain. I love the grit and realness of documentary photography and firmly believe everyone should have this type of session to remember life as it is.

Both styles are real and both are beautiful. I love both and if you are unsure as to which type is best for you, we’ll talk about it and choose the approach that best fits your vision.