Session Guidebook

No matter what type of session you’re having, it’s a time that we will be documenting your life. That means getting close, getting comfortable, being vulnerable, most likely snuggling and having a super good time. Let your quirks shine, let your love flow, show me how tight you hug and how goofy your laugh is.

My heart is in giving you photos to love forever.  Each of you are unique and our photography journey begins with getting to know you: your true and genuine selves, your real story and then documenting it honestly.  I’ll ask questions to understand who you are at your heart, I’ll make an idiot out of myself to make you laugh, and we’ll basically be friends for life.

Also, dogs. If you ask me about bringing the pups, I will always say yes.


What you wear to your session is one of the most important ways to really pull your entire shoot together, compliment your skin tones and my editing style. I want to make your experience as stress-free as possible, which is why I provide an amazing personalized styling service to all of my clients. You’ll receive that info once you are on my schedule! If you need inspiration before you begin shopping, click here to hop over to my Pinterest boards to browse.

Earth tones are perfection with my photography and editing style. Think olive, tan, mauve, ivory, mustard, blue – even grey, black and white. Soft, warm tones. Mixing those colors with textures like leather and denim are my absolute favorite. With that said, if bold is you, then that’s what I want to see. You know your personal style and I want you to feel amazing. Layers and accessories add dimension so bring your jackets, wraps, blankets, wide rimmed hats, stack of bracelets, scarves. Please don’t make me cry and wear sneakers, baseball hats, polos or logo shirts. Also, outfits that are too tight or too baggy will show both of those things and spray tans (if this is an absolute necessity for you) please be sure it’s done at least 4 days prior. What you choose to wear should be something you feel comfortable in, that compliments your physical features and something you can move in.

Be sure to keep your location in mind when choosing your outfits and keep your outfits in mind when choosing your location. If we’ll be frolicking in a field, think flowy dresses, sandals or bare feet, rolled jeans. Know what I mean? It doesn’t make sense to show up wearing high heels, cocktail dress and a suit. If we’ll be hiking a mountain, think boots, jeans, sweaters, scarves, vest, jackets, hats, etc… That said… no set rules here. There are always exceptions. I mean, top of the mountain flowy dresses are totally awesome too. We just want your outfit and location to make sense together.


Outdoor sessions are scheduled weekday evenings and Sunday mornings or evening. Studio sessions are scheduled weekday mornings and Sundays. Ideally, for outdoor, we will be shooting right at sunrise & about two hours before sunset. If we are hiking, we’ll begin earlier because I know how long it takes me to get up a mountain ha!

When choosing epic spots to shoot, I am always ready to help you find a location that is perfect for you. I love both nature and city equally- awesome scenery, mountains, lakes, trees, streets, brick buildings, architecture…it’s all photogenic and beautiful. It’s just a matter of what speaks to you as the location of your session will define the mood of your photos. I shoot in rain, snow, wind and wherever. I am literally down for anything. Always. 100%. If you have a crazy idea for location or your session, I want to adventure with you.